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If you are brand new to quilting and don't know where to begin, start with the posts in September 2011 (look in the blog archive). The first four posts cover basics such as choosing equipment, choosing colors, how to sew 1/4" seams, how to use a rotary cutter, and how to press (not iron) your block during construction.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Combination Star - Quilt Block Tutorial

"Combination Star" from Ladies Art Company, 1898
Fons and Porter also call this block "Night and Day"
Cut from background fabric (A)
(A1) two 5 1/2" squares*
(A2) eight 2 7/8" squares

Cut from medium fabric (B) 
These pieces may be 'fussy cut' so that the picture is in the center. The B2 pieces should be centered on point to look best in the finished block.
(B1) one 4 1/2" square
(B2) four 3 3/8" squares)

Cut from dark fabric (C)
two 5 1/2" squares*

*If you already made the Quarter-square triangles, then you don't need to cut A1 and C pieces.

If you haven't made the Quarter-square triangle pieces, please visit this post first and make your quarter-square triangles.

Cut all A2 pieces in half along the diagonal.

Finger press a crease through the center of each B2 piece.

Line up the point of an A2 piece with the crease on the B2 piece to center the triangle on the side of the square.

Sew an A2 piece onto opposite sides of each B1 piece. Press towards the triangle.
Again, fold each B1 piece in half and finger press to form a crease.

Sew an A2 piece onto each of the remaining sides. Trim each unit to 4 1/2".

Lay out each piece for your block.

Sew into rows (or columns) and press the top and bottom rows towards the outside, press the middle row towards the middle square.

Sew the rows together and press!
This is my 12th block for Amy's Christmas Sampler quilt. I haven't quite decided on the layout for the final quilt, but I've got some great ideas!

Stay tuned!

This should be done by Thanksgiving! Yay!

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